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Release - September 12th, 2022

· 2 min read

✨ New ✨

Table View


We're excited to announce table view as a chart type in Transform. You can toggle to the table view using the menu at the top-right hand corner of every chart in Transform.

The table feature includes the ability to order the data in the columns in your view, autofit the columns, and copy data out (using keyboard shortcuts) into spreadsheeets.

P.S - we're even more excited about this because introducing table view sets the foundation for us to allow users to query things that cannot be plotted - like multiple dimensions and metrics at once. Stay tuned for these updates!

Boards Beta (v2.1)


We're excited to release v2.1 of Boards!

This release includes:

  • The ability to set a board as a "Favorite" using the star icon on the Board page next to the Board name.
  • The Boards landing page now includes a few more sections to help you find Boards you’re looking for: (1) Favorites, (2) Boards you’ve recently viewed, and (3) Popular Boards in your organization.
  • All saved query charts on Boards now have an "Explore in Query" button which takes you to the Query page with the parameters of the query you were looking at on the Board. So, if you’ve applied global filters on your Board, those filters will get carried over to the Query page.

🐛 Bug Fixes 🐛

Server Log Results Tab


We resolved an error where results tab on the MQL server log page wasn't rendering properly.

Metric Page Custom Time Range Error


We resolved an error where changing the time range to a custom selection would not let you update the chart after selecting.