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Release - November 21, 2022

· 3 min read

✨ New ✨

Boards Beta v2.3


We’re excited to announce Boards v2.3. It contains the following features:

  • Default Filters — if you're a Board owner, you can now set default filters that get pinned to the global filter bar and become the default state of your Live Dashboard.
  • Filtered Views — if you have access to view a Board, you can now create custom views of the Board with the set of filters you prefer. You can save and share these views for easy access and faster team collaboration.
  • Favoriting Filtered Views — you can favorite a Filtered View by clicking the star icon at the top of the Filtered View page. Once you favorite a Filtered View, it will show up in the Favorite Views section of the Boards homepage.
  • Updated Global Filter Logic — previously, the "Add Filters" modal on Boards only surfaced filter dimensions that were common across all of the charts on the Board. We've updated the logic to be less restrictive (i.e. from intersection to union), so now the "Add Filters" modal surfaces every dimension that is available to each chart on the Board. Therefore, some charts may display an error if the filter dimension or values are not applicable.

Learn more in the documentation here.

Metric Tags


You can now add tags to your metrics in both YAML as locked metadata or in the Transform app under the metric metadata menu. Tags will help you further organize your metrics. You can filter with tags in metric search to narrow down to only relevant metrics, as well as see associated tags next to the metric on the search page and other locations in the app.

Read more on how to use tags here.

Google Sheets Save Query Across Editors of Sheets


You can now save queries that are accessible to every editor of the Google Sheet.

Previously, you could save a query in Google Sheets and only you would have permission to view it. Now, we allow you to save a query so that all Editors of the sheet will also have access to it. When you save queries, you will now have the option to save it as a public versus private query. Public queries will be able to be viewed by any Editors of the Google Sheet. Furthermore, if your query is set to refresh on load, all Editors can benefit from this.

With this change, your saved query tab is now split into Public Vs. Private queries. You can also toggle the privacy of queries any time if you are the creator.

Note: Query creators are the only ones that can edit or delete the query.

🐛 Bug Fixes 🐛

Big Query Filter Boolean


We resolved a bug that caused errors when filtering on booleans when using BigQuery as your data warehouse.