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Release - December 5, 2022

· 2 min read

✨ New ✨

Query v2


We’re excited to announce the next generation of Transform’s Query UI - Query v2!

Transform’s Query product allows technical and non-technical users alike to answer data questions around their metrics easily. It allows them to build charts and save content to be shared with the organization, all with the guarantee of correct metrics from MetricFlow.

Query V2 is the next version of our query UI (after Query v1). It has an entirely new look and feel. It includes a single page that displays the chart, table of data, generated SQL, and a user-friendly menu on the right hand side that your teams can use to build queries. Most importantly and different from the first version of this product, it also includes the ability to query multiple metrics and dimensions together and allows you to plot two metrics on a single chart.

Access Query through this url:

Google Sheets Integration Updates (Dynamic Date Presets & No Dimension Metrics)


We released two updates to our Google Sheets integration:

1) You can now query your metrics without a dimension. Previously, we required at least one dimension. To query your metrics without dimensions, simply remove all dimensions from the selection list. Note: For certain cumulative metrics, we require Time, so you will see an error if you try to remove Time.

2) We now support dynamic date presets for time constraints. Under the “Time Constraint” option after you select metric time, scroll to the bottom of the list where you see “Metric Time is (Date Presets)”. Choose an existing preset or a custom one. Note that these presets are dynamic, so if you select “Last 7 days” and save the query and revisit it, the last 7 days will increment based on the current date.