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API Overview


Only the CLI API is relevant to MetricFlow users. All other APIs are available to Transform customers.


Transform's goal is to allow you to query your key metrics simply and reliably within your existing data tools and workflows. After users define their important metrics in MetricFlow, we offer a wide variety of interfaces to access this information, which all rely on the core MetricFlow Query Language API (MQL). MQL is the single source-of-truth layer that allows you to access consistent query results in all your favorite tools.

We believe that SQL should be treated with the same rigor as any other business logic: peer-reviewed, version-controlled, and abiding by the principle of Don't Repeat Yourself. To this last point, Transform can eliminate the need for writing (or copy-pasting) SQL into any of the tools used to do last-mile data visualization and analysis, in exchange for making simple Transform queries reliably across all of these tools.

The simplification of requests not only eliminates the need for complex and redundant logic in your downstream tools, but also ensures that your most important metrics are consistent across all of them, whether it be a CRM product, anomaly detection algorithm, or a BI tool.

Transform currently supports various interfaces that you can use for your last-mile analysis. More important than any individual interface, you will find they are all consistent with Transform's core API so that you can resolve all your metrics in the best tool for the job, and even switch between tools without skipping a beat as your analysis needs evolve.

Transform's Interfaces

Command Line Interface to pull data locally and improve the dev workflow

SQL over JDBC to integrate with BI Tools and other SQL Clients

Python Library to pull metrics into Jupyter or other analytical interfaces

GraphQL interface which underlies all of these and is also exposed for the end-user to build their own interfaces