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Visual Studio Code

The MetricFlow extension for Visual Studio Code provides basic schema validation when editing MetricFlow files.


  • Schema validation

    Provides syntax highlights when part of your configuration file doesn't conform to the MetricFlow schema.

  • Hover support

    Hover over a key to get its description from the MetricFlow schema.

  • Auto complete

    Use Ctrl + Space to complete values from the MetricFlow schema.


  1. Install the MetricFlow extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace.
  2. In your Extensions pane, enable the MetricFlow extension if it didn't activate automatically.

Using the extension

To enable or disable MetricFlow schema checking for your workspace, use the command MetricFlow: Enable/ Disable from the command palette.

Once enabled, validation will automatically be applied to your files as you edit.

This is a lightweight extension that provides an up-to-date schema to the Visual Studio Code YAML extension; see its documentation for more information on settings and configuration.

The MetricFlow extension will automatically edit the YAML extension settings for your current VS Code workspace. Be careful when manually editing the YAML extension settings, as you may create conflicts between your workspace and user settings.

If you'd like to see more expanded functionality in this extension, let us know in the MetricFlow Slack Community. While this initial release is modest, we can build more if there's interest.

Other Editors

While we do not current support other editors, some may provide similar functionality when provided a JSON Schema.

The latest version of the MetricFlow schema can be found on GitHub.