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Transform's integration with Slack allows you to share Transform metric charts to Slack users and channels.


  • Active Slack workspace and Transform instance
  • Transform organization administrator (Org. Admin) to set the integration up

Setup Instructions

  1. Navigate to the Integration page in Transform.
  2. Find Slack and click into the modal to enable it.
  3. You will be redirected to Slack where you can confirm you want to connect it to your workspace.

Using the Integration

  1. Find the hamburger menu in the top right corner of a metric chart.
  2. Choose "Share to Slack"
  3. This will open up a modal that allows you to select where you want to send it (DMs or channels).
  4. Write a description that will be sent with the chart.
  5. Press "Send" and you will receive a confirmation that Slack delivered it successfully.

The message will show the following information:

  • The description input by the user
  • The metric name with a link to it in the Transform application
  • The metric granularity
  • Any applicable filters or settings applied to the metric
  • The value for the latest day of data represented in the chart (UTC)
  • The date the chart was created to share to Slack (UTC)

Sharing to an individual user in Slack will surface the message to that user via the TransformBot under their Slack Applications and not as a direct message from the Slack user who shared the metric.

Sharing charts with a group by isn't yet supported but will be in a future version

Removing the Integration

Navigate to the Integration page to the Slack modal and click Delete Slack. You can also delete the Transform application directly from Slack.