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Query is a beta feature.


Query allows users to answer their questions about data in a self-serve fashion. Query empowers your business users because it is a flexible but safe environment that is backed by MetricFlow - Transform's governed metrics framework. As a result, users can guarantee that their datasets are accurate and blessed by their data teams.

Query is a query builder. It allows users to create queries with visualizations around their metrics, slice by dimensions, filter, look at time over time comparisons, and more.

In many cases, users want to revisit a query for monitoring or reporting purposes, so Query allows you to save the queries you create with our Saved Queries feature. These Saved Queries can also be shared in various ways across the organization and users can use their team members' queries as a jumping off point into their own.

The current visualization types Transform supports in Query and throughout the application are: line, bar, area, single value, and tables. Chart types can be changed in a Query chart (and on any chart widget in the application) by clicking the graph icon in the top right-hand corner.

Accessing Query

Users can access Query through the left navigation of the Transform application. In addition, all Saved Queries created from Query can be found on the associated metric page in the Saved Query section.